What is WPS Pin?

WPS Pin stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup which protects your devices to the best while attempting the network printing. It can be operated only with the support of a Wi-Fi router. To this, you need not want to specify any password to configure your wireless printing setup.

It is usually located on the Printer’s Front panel which consists of an 8-digit unique code. This Unique 8-digit code should be specified on the Wi-Fi network settings of your router.

where to find wps pin on hp printer

Where is the WPS pin located on my HP Printer

  1. WPS Pin may be located or identified in various methods or step-wise depending upon the printer’s model.
  2. Once you have identified the printer’s model, you can proceed next.
  3. First, switch ON the desired HP printer’s model and press the settings option located on the control panel.
  4. Then, tap on the Network Setup and select the required Wireless settings.
  5. You have to press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup and track the provided instructions on the screen.
  6. Finalize with the WPS Pin option.

How to Connect HP Printer Using WPS Button

  • You have to utilize the control panel of your HP Printer to press the Wireless or Settings Button, and wait for the Blue Light starts blinking.

hp printer control panel for wps setup

  • Proceed using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup and utilize the given instructions on the screen.
  • Once completing this, use the WPS Button. Wait for the printer to prompt to press the WPS button on the wireless router.wps pin on router
  • After pressing the WPS on the router, get nearby the printer to start the wireless connection by accepting the option-
  • Relax until the active connection to establish by pressing OK.

How to Connect Your HP Printer Through WPS Pin

  • Initially, press the wireless button on the printer’s control panel and hit Settings.
  • Select the WiFi Protected Setup and carry out the on-screen given on the screen.
  • Once you get the PIN option, hit the PIN and wait for the 8-digit Pin to display on the screen.

hp printer wps pin for windows computer

  • Proceed using the configuration utility/ Software for the wireless access point / wireless router.
  • You have to use the systems settings like All Programs> HP Folder of Printer>Printer Setup and Software>Connect a New Printer. 

Finally, install the network driver needed and choose wireless mode at the end of driver installation.


1. How many digits is the WPS PIN code?

WPS PIN code has an 8-digit unique code and you will be getting an individual code on every wireless setup attempt. The code is encrypted with WPA and WPA2 personal security Protocols. Here, you don’t have to specify any password to connect your devices using the network. Simply, have a secured wireless setup using the WPS PIN method.

2. How do I connect my wireless printer without WPS?

WPS is not only used to connect your wireless devices to a Wi-Fi setup, you can also use it to arrange them to connect using a Wi-Fi password using your printer’s control panel. Or else, just try to connect using the USB cable first and then arrange the wireless connection using the active computer.

3. where is the WPS pin located on my hp envy 4520 printer

You can get the WPS Pin on your Screen itself by using the appropriate settings given below. Open the active HP Envy 4520 printer and use the settings> Network setup> wireless settings> Wi-Fi SETUP> WPS> PIN. Finalize with the PIN option and proceed next.

4. Where is the WPS pin located on my hp envy 5505 printer

Use the active HP Envy 5505 printer’s control panel, and press the settings option> Network Setup > Wireless settings. Hit the Wi-Fi Protected Setup and track the on-screen instructions shown on the screen. Finalize with the WPS pin and wait for the 8-digit pin code to appear on your HP printer screen.

5. where is the WPS pin located on my hp printer m2835dw

Yes, almost every printer’s WPS PIN can be identified or obtained using the printer’s settings like setup or settings related. Open the settings menu and check for any wifi or network options. Get into the network options to find any wireless or WPS pin-related nested menus. Finally, hit the WPS> PIN method.

6. Where is the WPS button on my phone?

Use the settings option and find the WPS-enabled features to press the WPS button for a few seconds. Then, wait until the LED light labeled as WPS blinks and now, choose the WPS option on the device. Wait until the configuration starts.