HP Smart Tank 7602 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the platform where you can get the best solution for all your printer problems. Try to surf through the HP Official Website and get the instant solution on your printer-related queries and doubts in no time. Make use of the given guidelines and finish the troubleshooting procedure using the stable network support.

HP Smart Tank 7602 Offline issue

Windows 10

  1. To begin with, switch ON the active windows 10 system and select the Devices option from the Printers & Scanners option.
  2. If you happen to see the column is checked, try to uncheck the column and Allow Windows Manage My default printer.
  3. Utilize the Manage option after picking the required HP Printer using the list of printer names.
  4. Connect through the corresponding screen and choose the Set as Default option from the Manage your device tab.
  5. Try to reboot and wait until the printer gets restarted.
  6. Relax until the printer shows active online status. Still not seen, support through our Technical Team for the instant support.

Windows 7, 8

  1. Operate through the Run tab and mention the Devices on the windows search tab. Here, you have to pick the Printers & Scanners option.
  2. Try to get the list of products available on the next screen to choose the required printer product.
  3. Here, you have to pick the essential HP Smart Tank 7602 printer & by right-clicking it.
  4. Next, you have to prefer the option- set as default.
  5. Continue with the next print work by choosing the needed product.
  6. Finally, you have to just right-click to pick the option on the next screen like Set as printer online.


  1. Initially, you have to restart the printer and relax until the startup procedure takes places.
  2. Next, you will note your printer will start to restore the network. Yet, you have trouble on printing, try to use the below steps.
  3. You must close down all the background running applications that uses the network.
  4. Try to safely unplug the connected power cords from the individual ports of the printer & router and wait for a few seconds.
  5. Once the connection is established, try to use the Apple iconSystem Preferences option to proceed next.
  6. Pick the Printers and Scanners, Print & Fax, or Print & Scan to get the list of printer names.
  7. Here, you have to choose the HP printer from the Printer names and pick the option- Open Print Queue.
  8. Alternatively, connect through the next option-Set as printer online after choosing the printer name from the list.
  9. Finally, for more needs, try to use the technical team for instant support.

Note: Prior, connect the printer devices to the stable network and power connectivity in order to avoid the network troubleshooting.

HP Smart Tank 7602 scanning error


  1. Put the active state and look whether the Wi-Fi light on the printer control panel is stable. Or else, try to restrict the VPN connection.
  2. Note: If you see the blue light on the printer control, without any further delay, press the Wi-Fi button to bring it to the Wireless status active. If you notice your blue light starts to blink, the wireless is active with no internet.
  3. Assign the test print work test and utilize the option- Wireless menu>setup icon>Print reports> wireless printreport for the touch screen printer control panel.
  4. To the end, confirm the settings using the Wi-Fi button>Information button.
  5. At the same time use the Wi-Fi button and black button.


  1. If you are under the multiple chats, try to close all the tabs on your devices and access the single device.
  2. Further, you have to Turn OFF the desired printer using the power button and safely unplug all the power cables from the default ports.
  3. Further, you have to turn ON the printer and relax until the printer shows active status.
  4. Then, prefer NO option to disable all the opened chat errors. If not, you can access through the next steps.
  5. Finally, try to Restart the system and start-up with the new chat to start the access.

Get in touch with our technical team when you face any issue with your new 123.hp.com/setup and installation. Contact us for assistance with downloading and installing printer drivers in a matter of minutes.

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HP Smart Tank 7602 printer driver unavailable

  1. Initially, you have to reboot and try to uninstall & reinstall the printer software. Try to Inspect the network connection prior, try to connect it through an uninterrupted network.
  2. Then, you have to unplug all the connected USB cables from the printer setup devices. Later, Switch ON the active windows system and get the Programs & Features.
  3. From the list of available products, try to choose the required HP Smart Tank 7602 printer and tap uninstall option.
  4. Carry out using the Devices & Printers option. Get connected with the shown list of names and right-click to the required one and uninstall or delete option.
  5. Access the Run command by using the Windows + R key.
  6. Operate through the search tab and specify the printui.exe /s and give an ok option. Here, choose the driver tab and detect the desired HP Smart Tank 7602 driver to remove.
  7. Make sure with the remove button and give ok.
  8. Carry out using the Print Server Properties and pick Apply> OK.
  9. Access using the Devices & Printers option and support through the Run command to enter c:/program data.
  10. Further, move on with the Hewlett Packard folder to delete all the printer-related files & folders. Finally, Restart the entire printer device.

HP Smart Tank 7602 printer Will Not Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. To begin with, you have to switch ON the printer and system. Eventually, link all the devices to the same wireless network access.
  2. Choose the stable and protected network and start the troubleshooting procedure.
  3. Establish the stable wireless setup connection using the given steps below.
  4. Make sure the connected printer devices like a wireless router, and system devices are active.
  5. Inspect whether the ink cartridges are properly connected and installed while the initial printer setup arrangements.
  6. Keep the stable printer nearby the system to get uninterrupted network access.
  7. Get the HP Smart Tank 7602 printer to an active state and locate the WPS button on the router.
  8. If you find the router doesn’t support the WPS button, try using the HP Smart app to connect.
  9. Get nearby to the printer’s backside and hold the wireless button & power button instantaneously. Alternatively, get nearby the wireless router and Press & Hold the WPS button.
  10. Finally, you have to relax at least for 3-5 seconds and wait for the WPS confirmation message.

HP Smart Tank 7602 Print Jobs Stuck in Queue

Windows 10- Delete job files and restart

  1. Each time the printing process is assigned, the windows will create a separate folder for the printed file to get saved to it. In some situations, the file may get corrupted, in that case- try to reset the print jobs manually.
  2. Connect through the running printing work and try to stop or pause to escape from the print errors.
  3. Start the troubleshooting process by using the Start menu and pick the windows button or Windows + S on the system keyboard.
  4. Type the service.msc on the search tab and tap enter key.
  5. You can carry out using the Service list and pick the Print Spooler option.
  6. Finally, you have to prefer the Restart the service or Restart button.

MAC – Restart the router and printer

  1. Note: While choosing this method, you may temporarily be disconnected/disabled the network or internet connection.
  2. First, you have to turn OFF the wireless router by unplugging the power cords or using the power button.
  3. Safely unplug all the connected/default USB or Ethernet cords connection depending upon your preferences.
  4. Connect through the HP Manual and link through the respective power cords. At the same time, connect through the wireless router to get the active network status by light on the screen.
  5. Next, you have to switch ON the printer device to attempt the trial print work.
  6. Note: Here, you have to shortly disconnect the printer & system while using USB or Ethernet to begin the wireless printing.

HP Smart Tank 7602 Printer can only print black

  1. To begin with, make sure with the printer’s physical damage or other needs. That may result in troubleshooting process later.
  2. Do the self-test page and ensure the printer’s current status to proceed next.
  3. Printers with touchscreen or Menu: carry out using the options like Settings or Setup menu>Tools or Report> Print quality report.
  4. Printers without touchscreen: Utilize the option- pick your required document on printing test pages. Alter the needed printer keys and get the essential guidelines on your on-screen.
  5. Finally, the HP Smart app and operate through the required printer image on the home page to choose the Print reports> Print quality report.
  6. Finally, use the HP Support page and carry out the Printer setup to install.