HP Smart App

HP Smart app is the HP-Exclusive Software through which you can perform various print features and other accessible printer specified attributes. You can use the HP Smart app on the compatible system, laptops, Smartphones, and Tabs. Download & install the HP Smart app from the App-store or web source regarding your device.

This Software makes your job easier with one-step access. All you need is stable network access and a hassle-free printer setup supported with the latest features. Then, add the printer and start the colorful printing procedure using the printer and connected device settings & handlings.

hp smart app download

How to download HP Smart App

Carry out the given steps to download the HP Smart app effortlessly:

  • Initially, you need to turn on the printer and compatible system using the power button.
  • Then, look at whether the printer is stable or not.
  • Find the HP Smart app to start the downloading process by entering the search tab.
  • Use the download button once you have connected with the HP Smart app downloading page.
  • Save and open the file to add the printer.
  • Hit the Plus-sign to scan the available printer name on the home page.
  • Wait for your printer name and select it by following the on-screen wizards. Now, use the settings option and alter the requirements according to use HP Smart app.

HP Smart App Download for Windows

Follow the given instructions to download and install the HP Smart App on Windows 10 devices:

  • First, bring the active connection to the printer and windows system.
  • Make sure the windows are stable and idle to work.
  • Verify and authorize the device’s Wi-Fi network stability.
  • Access through secured web source and Download HP Smart App for Windows.
  • Once the download process is completed, save it to the windows system.
  • Direct to the system saved file and access the OS file.
  • Run the folder and double-click to start the driver installation process.
  • Go with the on-screen wizard procedure and finish the HP Smart App installation.
  • Now, open the HP Smart app and utilize the settings section.
  • Alter the app settings as per the necessities and continue.
  • Add the printer using the plus-sign and prompts back-to-back.
  • At last, confirm and make a sample print to ensure the HP Smart Printer App installation performance.

HP Smart App Download for Mac

Follow the given guidelines to start the download procedure using HP Smart App for Mac OS are:

  • Use the power button and turn on the Mac system and printer.
  • Look whether the Mac system has its updated Software to it.
  • Look whether the printer-connected Wi-Fi network is stable and secured to access.
  • Open the Mac device using the Apple-supported web source to download the HP Smart app.
  • Use the download page and choose the download option.
  • Wait until the download procedure completes on the Mac and open the OS.
  • Use the Home page to add the printer using the Plus-sign on it.
  • Connect through the on-screen wizard guidelines to complete the HP Smart app registration.
  • Confirm the printer communication by hitting the print option using the settings.
  • Ensure whether the HP Smart app applies to the Mac system support.
  • If the problem persists while printing, use the troubleshooting page to solve the HP printer-related issues instantly.

HP Smart App is not working

  • First, you need a stable and secured power connection to the printer to operate.
  • Ensure whether the connected device’s Wi-Fi connection is enabled.
  • If the printer doesn’t recognize the wireless connectivity, use the Ethernet connection to the printer using cables.
  • Use the same network to connect the HP printer and windows/Mac system devices.
  • Now, try to disconnect the network and enable them later.
  • Attempt to download the HP Smart App from the App store or web page.
  • Use the given Plus sign on the HP Smart app home page to scan the available printer nearby.
  • Now, include the desired HP Printer and wait until the printer starts the communication.
  • If you notice the printer power light flickering, the connection is unstable. It would help if you connected them again.
  • Use the router closer to the HP Printer setup for a hassle-free setup.
  • Still, you can’t connect through the HP Smart app, use the restart procedure and repeat the above steps.

HP Smart App not Scanning Windows

  • Initially, you need to check whether the windows system is updated or not.
  • Verify whether the windows updates are updated properly by automatic method or not.
  • Secured with Windows Updater history for better access.
  • If you find any fault with the existing Software, uninstall them using the uninstall option.
  • Proceed using the Control panel option > Program and Features option.
  • Verify the list of Software and uninstall the required one.
  • Further, attempt to install the HP Printer driver again using the HP Official page and restart the Windows system.
  • Access through the Windows Store to search to download the HP Smart App.
  • Wait till the windows system completes its download procedure. Then, restart the entire device.
  • Again use the Home page and hit the Plus-sign to detect the available printer nearby.
  • Once you find the printer, click on it and add using the prompts on the screen.
  • At last, start the print work using the print option.