HP printer won’t turn on. How to fix it?

This is an issue that the HP printer can face from time to time. But, the solution is to resolve the printer issue using the instructions given below. It is important that the instructions are followed accurately to make sure there are no further issues with the printer. Follow the below steps to resolve the issue that is not allowing the 123.hp.com/setup to be turned on. The steps below will provide a fix for the issue.

Check the power connection

Make sure the cables are intact. Check if the power cord is properly connected to the printer. The other end of the power cord should be connected to a power supply. Note that the power cord is directly connected to the power supply. The power cord should be connected to a direct plug point. No extensions should be used.

Look for damaged cables

Check if the cables that connect the printer to the power supply have no damage. If there is any damage caused to the power cord, it has to be replaced. Look for any breakage in the cables.

Check the power supply

It is essential to make sure there is a power supply that the printer can be connected to. To resolve the issues, look for an alternate power supply and connect it. If the issue is with the power supply, then the printer will be turned on.

Check the USB cable

The USB cable that connects the printer and the device should also be intact. Check if there is any breakage to the cable. If there is, the USB cable will have to be replaced. To replace the cable, it will have to be substituted with a 3 meter long USB cable. Connect the cable to the printer and the device and complete a final check.

If the above steps have, for some reason, not assisted with the resolution of the printer issues, then the alternate option is to get in touch with us to provide assistance. Our team of experts will be able to provide online assistance to resolve the issue of why the printer is not working.