HP Envy 5055 printer not found

This guide will assist you with the HP Envy 5055 printer not found. You may download the HP feature length driver from the software disc included in the package or the official HP website. You may set up your printer using the Guided Installer with a Wi-Fi or wired network connection.

Restart your computer, Printer and Router

You may temporarily disconnect network and internet connections with the aid of these procedures, which will also restart your computer. Next, take the router’s power cable off. After that, switch off the printer, end any currently active programmers, and turn off the computer. The internet activity light will flicker after the router’s power cord has been reconnected, indicating that the connection is operating normally. Now, turn on your computer and printer. Reinstall the HP Envy 5055 Printer driver and software.

Disable Firewall Software

The majority of the time, firewall software prevents threats from the outside, but occasionally it prevents the printer’s network contact. To fix the HP Envy 5055 Printer Not Found issue, you may quickly disable the firewall software using the HP Print and Scan Doctor. After that, pick Network from the HP Print and Scan Doctor Window, troubleshoot firewalls from the menu and disable the status. If the installation is successful, obtain assistance with firewall software that permits security level, trusted zone, and open port to allow communication between HP Software and the website.

Uninstall HP Driver and Software

The procedure for installing software can occasionally be flawed or inadequate. Disconnect the USB cord from the printer if you are using a USB connection to connect your printer to your computer. Then, in Windows, perform a search for Programs and Features and choose Programs and Features from the list of results. Next, click Uninstall from the list of installed applications after selecting your HP Printer to fix HP Envy 5055 Printer Not Found. Then, remove the software by following the on-screen directions, and restart your computer.

HP Software Reinstallation

Get the most recent full-featured version of the printer device’s software after uninstalling the HP software. It’s possible that your printer will get new functions if you install the Full Feature Software. After turning on your printing equipment, remove the printer’s USB cord. For assistance with the HP Envy 5055 Printer, go visit HP Customer Support-Software and Driver Downloads.

Choose Printer from the Let’s Find Your Product box, input the model number of your printer, and then click Submit. The results pane shows a list of programmers that work with your printing device. Your operating system will then be automatically recognized, and if necessary, you can change the default operating system. To access more driver choices, pick Basic Drivers from the Drivers page and then click Download to the Full software package.

Get in touch with us for further assistance. We will provide you with handheld assistance to resolve the printer issue.

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