HP Deskjet Plus 4158 Troubleshooting

Searching solutions for your HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer? Relax, we have an active spotlight for your printer-related problems or concerns. Use the given bunch of headings and guidelines to resolve the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 troubleshooting process. Ensure that the compatible system and printer accessories are free from basic troubleshooting and driver-related issues prior.

HP Deskjet Plus 4158 Offline issue

Windows 10

  1. Start the troubleshooting by turning ON the Windows and use the start menu >devices
  2. Utilize the Printer and scanner’s menu and just right-click to the default status using the drop-down options.
  3. Use the upcoming screen to choose the “Let Windows manage my default printer“.
  4. Make use of the available printer names to choose the required Deskjet Plus 4158 printer model.
  5. Next, proceed using the Manage option > Set as the default
  6. Finally, make sure the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer is turned back to online mode.

Windows 7, 8

  1. To begin with, ensure the system default settings option, if required change it.
  2. Download the driver and get back all the system settings to the default options.
  3. Inspect for the printer’s online status and bring it to the online mode by unmarking the offline mode.
  4. Carry out using the Devices menu > Devices and Printers
  5. Then, confirm with the desired HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer.
  6. Choose the option- Set as the default option and restart the complete printer setup.
  7. Finally, assign the print task using the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 setup and start the print work.


  1. To begin with, restart the entire printer and ensure the printer-related settings.
  2. Check whether the active printer is available with the advanced Wi-Fi options. Then, try to restart the wireless router.
  3. You need to exit back from all the active applications and pages.
  4. Safely, remove all the power cables from the wireless router and let it be idle for a few minutes.
  5. Get instant support from the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 Manual and do the printer setup.
  6. Confirm the network standards and stability using the Network Configuration test page.
  7. It’s time to reboot the MAC and let it come to an active state.
  8. Then, use the active Mac settings like-Apple icon > system preferences
  9. Pick the Printers and Scanners menu to get the list of available printer names.
  10. Now, choose the desired HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer and Run the print queue menu.
  11. Connect to the list of available printers’ names and pick the desired one by clicking it.
  12. Then, you need to pause or stop the running procedure and look at the document direction.
  13. To the end, you need to pick the document to be printed and start the print work using the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer.

HP Deskjet Plus 4158 scanning error


  1. Main cause for this type of error is the driver-related.
  2. Inspect whether the connected printer’s Wi-Fi light is active and blowing.
  3. Check and connect the printer devices to the stable Wi-Fi network, if not previously.
  4. Pick the options like- wireless icon > setup menu.
  5. Carry out using the options like print reports menu > wireless test report.
  6. If the printer doesn’t have a touchscreen control panel, press & hold the Wi-Fi button.
  7. Then, you need to press the Wi-Fi and information buttons eventually to take the test print.
  8. Finally, complete the troubleshooting procedure by using the copy and black button. Now, check the wireless test report.


  1. Start the troubleshooting by Restarting the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer and the system.
  2. Still the printer doesn’t work, try to Reboot the complete printer devices.
  3. Then, you need to switch OFF the desired HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer and then unplug all the connected power cords.
  4. Wait and let the system be idle for a few seconds.
  5. Again, try to arrange the desired HP printer using the HP Manual support.
  6. Try to keep the document to be scanned over the scanner glass by adjusting its sides.
  7. Take the smooth cloth or wipes and begin the scanning procedure completely using the dust-free scanner area.
  8. On the other hand, you can also use the scan settings for the selected document on the desired system device.
  9. Finally, choose the appropriate settings and confirm with the Scan button.

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HP Deskjet Plus 4158 driver unavailable

  1. Start the printer setup using the Programs and Features
  2. Connect through the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 from the list and hit the uninstall button.
  3. Move on with the Devices and Printers menu > HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer model.
  4. Ensure with the printer and right-click to the desired one by choosing the delete or remove device menu.
  5. Then, hit the Driver menu and pick the driver file.
  6. Next, you need to use the remove button.
  7. Move on with the Properties window > Devices and Printers.
  8. Further, you need to proceed and install the latest HP Deskjet Plus 4158 driver software using the HP Official page support.
  9. Finally, assign the print task and do the printing work.

HP Deskjet Plus 4158 Won’t Connect to WiFi

  1. Use the Manual and do the proper printer and system interface using the required connection type.
  2. Further, connect the wireless router, printer, and system to a similar network.
  3. Then, Turn ON the printer and look whether the system & router are nearby to each other to access without any problem.
  4. Look whether the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer has its WPS button.
  5. Reach nearby the wireless router and hit the WPS button. Or else, connect through the HP Smart App.
  6. Further, hold the power button and WPS button at the same time.
  7. Carefully, hold the WPS button for a few seconds till you notice the stable connection status.
  8. Finally, choose the required document and launch the test print work.

HP Deskjet Plus 4158 Print Jobs Stuck in Queue

Windows 10- Delete job files and restart

  1. Every time when you assign the print task, you will see a separate folder created by the system.
  2. Then, use the folder and check whether the active driver is corrupted or outdated. If needed, try to delete all the upcoming tasks and proceed.
  3. Try to save the ongoing task and delete all the printer-related history & caches.
  4. Further, move on with the related options- Start menu > Printer’s menu.
  5. On the upcoming screen, use the options like Services menu > Printer spooler menu.
  6. To the end, hit the restart button and wait till the printer gets rebooted.

MAC – Restart the router and printer

  1. Initially, you need to turn OFF the active wireless router and unplug all the previously connected power cords.
  2. Make sure with the printer connections & check the existing USB connections, if done. Eradicate the USB cables if needed.
  3. Try to reconnect the printer-to-system Wi-Fi connections using the HP Manual or Official page support.
  4. Look whether the Wi-Fi light is stable without showing any blinks.
  5. Finally, try to Restart the entire HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer and do the print work effortlessly.

HP Deskjet Plus 4158 Printer can only print black

  1. Start the troubleshooting process by restarting the complete printer setup.
  2. Utilize the upcoming screen to check the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer status.
  3. Make use of the printer’s control panel to pick the settings icon.
  4. Then, carry out using the Setup menu > Tools and Reports
  5. Further, receive the Print quality report menu and follow the shown on-screen directives.
  6. Explore by assigning the print task using the HP Deskjet Plus 4158 printer model.
  7. Then, you need to redirect to the installed HP Smart App and hit the print
  8. Finally, try to disable the black-only options from the ink cartridge settings and check the print work.