HP Deskjet 3630 wireless setup

Wireless setup is the advanced setup that can make your job easier with simple steps to be followed. Use the given steps to connect through the wireless network printing. Use the given guidelines to complete the wireless setup on Windows and Mac system devices.

Connect through the given steps and establish the printing work wirelessly using stable network connectivity.


  1. Begin the wireless setup using the start menu on the printer control panel.
  2. Connect through the setting options > setting menu.
  3. Here, find the desired HP Deskjet 3630 wireless setup wizard menu and proceed next.
  4. Hit the OK or Next button for the follow-on pages and carry out the next steps carefully.
  5. Now, you can see the printer will scan the nearby wireless router connection and its signal strength.
  6. Then, get the protected & stable wireless network and mention the password. Access using the stated on-screen setup guidelines and complete the HP Deskjet 3630 WPS pin for the windows system.
  7. Complete the HP Printer wireless setup on the Windows system by tapping the ok option.
  8. Assign the print task and start the wireless printing work using the wireless setup.


  1. Initially, make sure the network stability among the HP printer and Mac system.
  2. Connect through the setting menu using the home screen and access the wireless setup wizard option for making some relevant changes.
  3. Hit the next button to begin the HP Deskjet 3630 wireless setup process.
  4. Next, the HP printer will grab the router’s signal automatically and you will have the list of routers’ names to pick the desired one.
  5. Make use of the network menu > wireless network and enable the authentication by providing the password.
  6. Carry out using the given on-screen guidelines and access through the Wireless Setup for HP Deskjet 3630 printer device.
  7. Assign the print task and do the sample print work by ensuring the network via Network Configuration print.
  8. If you have any trouble with HP Deskjet 3630 wireless setup, Call Our Technical Team for instant support & guidance.

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