How to Download and install HP Envy 5660 Driver

To start the driver download and installation for your HP Envy 5660 printer, you must make a stable interface using compatible Windows or Mac system devices. Then, ensure the network is stable through and ensure other configuration needs. Now, use the below steps to complete the HP Envy 5660 driver setup.

  1. First, make sure you have placed the Printer on a smooth surface and begin the driver download and installation process.
  2. Choose the active network support for the uninterrupted operation.
  3. If it is a windows system: Access the windows browser to open the HP Official page and select the driver download tab.
  4. Use the resultant page to obtain the list of driver names that suit the printer keys you mentioned in the previous step.
  5. Search for your desired HP Envy 5660 driver file using the appropriate settings you need and confirm with the download option.
  6. Further, you have to run the downloaded driver file by initiating to the desktop folder and begin the installation using the provided on-screen guidelines. Finally, complete the driver installation on windows.
  7. To the end, include the HP Envy 5660 driver using the Printer add. Open the windows settings like the Printers and Scanners option on the Windows search bar.
  8. Confirm the printer registration to the windows system and start printing work effortlessly.
  9. If it is MAC: First, you have to switch ON the Printer and inspect whether the Printer’s First-time setup is properly completed with the support of the HP Manual.
  10. Then, make sure you have connected to the active & uninterrupted network to proceed next.
  11. Further, utilize the Official HP page and move to the driver page to pick the driver tab on the HP Envy 5660 printer page.
  12. Next, connect through the next page via the drop-down menu to prefer your compatible type & language. Finalize using the download option and save the downloaded driver file to your Mac.
  13. Start the driver installation procedure by redirecting to the software file and Running the installer using the on-screen guidelines.
  14. Now, you have to Add the Printer to the downloaded HP Envy 5660 driver software.
  15. If needed, check the printer registration using the settings like Apple iconSystem Preferences option and view the list of printer names.
  16. To the end, right-click on the HP Envy 5660 printer and hit the Properties via Drop-down.
  17. Choose the Driver tab and confirm with the Printer’s driver preferences.

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