How to change Envy 6055e Wi-Fi for the new router

Did you know the importance of a wireless router in the wireless setup configuration? Without wireless router support, you won’t be allowed to connect the printer to the wireless setup. If you are trying to operate your HP Envy 6055e printer using various methods of wireless, you need to connect the wireless router first.

Then, make sure the network chosen was capable of giving stable access and produces the high-frequency signal to configure. Before proceeding with the below steps, you have to ensure with the driver details and start Wi-Fi setup changes using the new router connection.

Steps to be done:

  1. First, try to purchase a quality router from the market or online.
  2. Then, open the new router box and start the connection setup procedure slowly.
  3. Try to connect the modem and wireless router using the ethernet cables given.
  4. Make sure the LAN ports with varying colors and connect them accordingly. Handle safely for better workability.
  5. Now, connect the computer via ethernet and ensure the Network infrastructure settings with your wireless router icon & name.
  6. Now, initiate the connection between the broadband provider and router.
  7. Then, switch ON the router to get connected with the Wi-Fi by itself without an internet connection.
  8. To initiate the network, use the Internet service provider network page and configure the router using the IP Address.
  9. Once you find the desired router’s IP Address, you need to connect the router to the computer.
  10. Access through the administrator account and its password to login through the IP Address & credentials.
  11. On the same page, try to Press the Reset button and wait for the new connection setup through the user credentials.
  12. Further, open the wireless settings and ensure the default options for the router setup.
  13. Then, type the network name and Password correctly into the requested field.
  14. Enable the check box to access the SSID Broadband. Then, ensure the other settings are related to change.
  15. Next, try to change the new password and if needed your Wi-Fi name.
  16. Save the changes and block the required apps or sites to proceed or minimize the unwanted usage of the internet.
  17. Confirm with the wireless passphrase to proceed comfortably in future use.
  18. Now, connect all the printer-related devices to the same network and assign the print work using the HP Envy 6055e Wi-Fi setup.

For more support to change HP Envy 6055e Wi-Fi to the new router – Call Our Technical Team For immediate support & assistance.

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